Welcome to The Marcy Navarro Collection, LLC. My name, as you might have guessed, is Marcy Navarro. I am the proud wife of Jose Sr. for the past 12.5 years, supportive step-mother to Sue Ann (25) & Jose Jr. (23), and loving mother to Joey (11) & Marc (8). I am also the owner of the Maxwell Flea Market, LLC in Dorchester, MA. The flea market is a multi-cultural indoor and outdoor yard sale that occurs in the inner city of Boston every weekend since July, 1996.

Four more characteristics that distinquish me are: my child hood nickname Moose (yes, the animal) which sounds more endearing when people call me Moosey, my long blonde hair, my love of the heart shape (including my engagement ring), and last but not least my love of accessorizing clothes.

After 36 years of being the "fashion consultant" of the Cohen, now Navarro family, I decided to branch out and do the same for my friends. This hobby has now blossomed into a fashion consultant to the general public with my own designer label. I love working with my customers, which often include their children, to incorporate their ideas so that they feel that they are part of the design process. The Marcy Label is all about being yourself with comfort and style.

Feel free to learn more about my education, previous jobs, and the inspiration for my designs by clicking on the "press" section of this website. Newton Magazine goes into detail in their November, 2006 hot finds section.

I look forward to designing the perfect tee or other garment  that fits your personality without breaking your budget!